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All About Us

Total Freedom Manitoba

Glory 2 Glory Canada is located in Brandon, MB.  We operate Total Freedom Manitoba which is a private, faith based, residential alternative addictions facility. We are committed to helping men 18 and over get set free from life controlling problems and behaviors.  Our focus is on promoting balance and integration of spirit, mind, and body.  By providing a family-like setting, and equipping them with the necessary tools, we will help people transition into a more stable and productive life.

We are a Spirit-filled ministry.  We believe in the baptism of the Spirit, laying hands on people while praying, praying in tongues, casting out demons, teaching the truths in the Word of God, and actively praising and worshiping the Lord and we train others to do the same.

Total Freedom is located about 150 km from Winnipeg, MB located in Sidney, MB. It's found on 80 acres of bush land, green grass, ponds and gardens which was previously used as a golf course.  The perfect place to find peace.

The length of the residential phase of the program is nine months; It is based upon your personal growth and completion of our different training levels.  The first three months usually covers the classroom level.  From three to nine months you will enter into a work program.  Upon completion of the work program you will begin an aftercare program for a period of one year; where you will remain accountable to this ministry by staying connected (if you are local) or another church or ministry if you are not local.

For the first three months you will go through a ministry school of the Spirit with daily quizzes and a final exam.  You will also go through a healing process which deals with issues from your past, and a deliverance session.  You will attend classes in the morning, you will work on the property in the afternoon and you will gather with the group every evening.  You must be able to read and write English well and be willing to teach what you learn.  Your afternoon duties will consist of one or more of the following areas:  housekeeping, farm, garden, yard, kitchen support, construction and various projects designed to earn income.

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