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9 month in-patient discipleship alternative addiction program for men.

12 month after-care program where they must remain accountable and attend any church service/study twice a week.

$200 a week program charge if disciple can afford it. If not ministry will provide funding for eligible applicants

1-3 persons per room with bed, dresser, closet space, and bathrooms

Christ-centered discipleship program

Requirements include:

  1. Willingness to get set free and stay set free from drugs, alcohol, and destructive lifestyles

  2. Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior

Faith-based program, not supported by any outside enterprises.

21 Month fulfillment results in 95-97% success rate.

Groomed trails for walking, Garden for fresh produce

One-Step program, Jesus Christ

Lifestyle change, not a secular rehab or drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre.

Fellowship and family visit every Sunday before and after services

Call today and speak to one of our staff for more information!

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